Welcome to the About Us section for Carson City-Crystal Area School District!

On the right-hand side of this page are the links to our districts Annual Education Report, School Improvement Plan, Emergency Drill Reporting, Eidex Data Dashboard as well as information on our Board of Education.

Below are a few  facts on Carson City-Crystal Area School District

Fall count total-892.95, breakdown = 876.44 general ed and 16.51 special ed. 56.65 students are school of choice students.

43 total teachers - K-12

2 School Social Workers 

2 Counselors,  1 HS/MS/UE

1 HS Principal

1 MS/UE Principal 

1 LE Principal 

1 Athletic Director

1 Dean of Students 

1 Transportation Director

1 Technology Director

1 Special Ed Supervisor

1 Virtual Academy Director

 K-12 free breakfast and lunch for 21-22 school year

No pay to play fees

1 on 1 Chrome books for all high school students